Shifting the Public Imaginary

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Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan, 2014. Image: John Possemato

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Artists Talk: Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan

While today, ‘the public’ increasingly consists of ‘non-overlapping spheres of mutually reinforcing beliefs’ (Nina Power), artistic actions can cut across social divides and shift the public imaginary.

This panel will bring together artists Amy Spiers (AU) and Catherine Ryan (AU), and theorist Camilla Møhring Reestorff (DK), to consider art’s capacity to contribute to social transformation. The panel will be moderated by Carol Peterson (AU/BER). Talking through specific examples from their own practice, the panellists will discuss the merging of aesthetics and politics, as well as tactics to engage the mediatised public sphere. Some questions they will consider:

How is art deployed in order to bring overlooked or intractable social problems into view? Can art intervene with, or even change, public discourse? What strategies do artists use to alter the present social order? How do artists measure the effectiveness of their actions? Is provoking controversy, causing debate and attracting media attention an end in itself? And are there limits to artistic agency, and what might this mean?

Organised in partnership with Vierte Welt Berlin
Zentrum Kreuzberg, Galerie 1. OG, Kottbusser Tor

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