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For more than two years, we, a small collective of artists, designers and performers, have shared a 90sqm space in the largest former embassy in Pankow. The building was the result of an unlikely and short-lived diplomatic relationship set up between the settler-colonial state australia and the german democratic republic from 1972-1986.

We have worked alone and together in the space with the epic green curtains. Collaborations have unfolded; artists, activists and neighbours met in our space publicly and privately; we hosted a sporadic but indepth series of events and exhibitions, in which friends and strangers-to-become-friends produced, showed and discussed their work with us and the broader public.

Now it could be that everything comes to an end at the end of this month. Or not. We don’t know yet, but either way, we plan to make some noise.

Botschaft bleibt: Come on Sunday, June 30, 2019 (from 3pm) to Ein Stück Botschaft für Alle and show support in solidarity with ALL those in this city (not just the artists) who are being crowded out by, and fighting hard against, doubled and tripled rents.

PS: if nothing else on Sunday we promise v. good party. Kollektiv x-embassy will make a fine, small, spontaneous exhibition in our space. Lidl bier as always. There are more plans but not on this platform. To stay tuned write to:

PPS: The artists have left the building. For a full summary of the situation, please see here (auch auf deutscher Sprache!):

We thank all who were a part of, visited, supported, encouraged, contributed to and danced in our space while it existed.

Image: thanks to real estate.

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